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Recipes from Martin Picard’s Sugar Shack | CTV Montreal News

Recipes from Martin Picard’s Sugar Shack | CTV Montreal News. Duck Drumsticks YIELD: 4 appetizer servings Drumsticks 12 duck drumsticks (about 1.5 kg or 3 ⅓ lb) 18 g (1 tablespoon) coarse salt 2 L (8 cups) duck fat 50

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  • Openings and Closings: January, February, March 2017 March 23, 2017
    I was asking myself the same thing. But from the papers in the windows, I'd expect it to be pasta focused, no?
  • Schwartz's Smoked Meat now packaged and selling in grocery store! March 22, 2017
    Oh, that Lester's is even worse and similarly generic, way too wet.
  • Montreal Trip Report: Feb 23-27, 2017 March 21, 2017
    Thanks for reporting back!! Weather permitting we are FINALLY going to get to Montreal this weekend. We have reservations at Joe Beef and Damas so it was great to get your feedback (as well as additional thumbs up from CC on Joe Beef)!
  • P'Tit Plateau 2015 March 21, 2017
    I will answer my own question as I had the pleasure of eating at Restaurant Le P'tit Plateau this past week-end (18 March 2017). The menu is very much the same as before it changed hands, but the food was still delicious and up to the previous high standards. The main courses that I sampled […]
  • Opening a restaurant, unsure how to market! March 20, 2017
    hey it was a great success hope you'll come visit
  • Fresh hot peppers March 18, 2017
    Does anyone know where I can find scotch bonnet peppers near the plateau? Thanks.
  • Mont Tremblant - mid-range dining March 14, 2017
    Hi there! we're heading to Tremblant soon and I'm looking for suggestions (both in the village and in St-Jovite). The most comprehensive thread on this topic dates back to 2009 and I'm sure there have been changes. We will have a kitchenette and will be cooking some meals but I'm looking for mid-range recommendations for […]
  • What's in a Quebec sugar shack dinner? March 14, 2017
    That text seems pretty much on par with my version of things. Except that traditional pet de sœurs don't use maple syrup, just like traditional pouding chômeur doesn't use maple syrup. They were modest urban foods and, even then, maple syrup was an expensive rural ingredient.
  • 3 dinners March 7, 2017
    Budget ? Style ? Cuisine type ? Wine/Cocktail important for the adult ? Local as in locavore ? or Local favorite ? Skip the steakhouse (IMO), and get your steak fix at either Lemeac or L'Express. On my list (I'll leave googling as an exercice) : Moleskin, Cadet, Montreal Plaza, Manitoba, Lemeac, L'Express, Pastaga, Lawrence, […]
  • The Taco thread March 2, 2017
    My, that didn't last long. And they'd taken over from a place that sold totopos and tortillas for people to eat at home (I mean the corn flatbread in the latter case, not the finished dish).