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Video: How To Cook Steak In A Cooler With The Food Lab | Serious Eats

Perfect. Video: How To Cook Steak In A Cooler With The Food Lab | Serious Eats.

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  • Matiz sardines in Mtl? October 19, 2017
    I'm not sure about Montreal, but check out some European food outlets. Here in Toronto, we have Starsky: Loads of stuff there. International grocers around Montreal, see if you can find a list of them.
  • Frozen Almond Croissants October 19, 2017
    I too, am looking for frozen almond croissants, by the case and I also know where to buy plain and chocolate....
  • Where to find SweeTango Apples in Montreal? October 19, 2017
    I know, right? I almost wonder if i had a bad bunch of honeycrisps... I got the SweeTangos at Bridge Street last week and i am pretty sure I also saw them at the west island one the week before. Still none at Provigo or PA, unfortunately.
  • Openings and closings, October, November, December 2017 October 16, 2017
    Something new opening up at 1486 de l'Eglise in Ville St Laurent, this place has been at least three different Mexican restaurants in the past few years, the last one being, Los Catrinas. No sign that I could see but there are a bunch of chairs inside so assuming it will still be a restaurant […]
  • Argentinian pink shrimp at good price October 15, 2017
    Blork, I found the Marina del Rey shrimp at only $5,99 and bought them at the Provigo le marché (formerly Loblaws) at the corner of Parc and Jean-Talon. Perhaps only 300g, but enough for two people. Provigo is expensive but good for loss-leaders. This week Rio Mare tuna in olive oild 3 little tins for […]
  • Best pizzerias in the South Shore October 15, 2017
    The best pizzas on the South Shore are the ones I make at home. :-) But seriously (wait, I WAS serious!) there aren't a lot that I know of. Plenty of mom & pop joints, but I don't know of many note-worthy ones. Back in 2006 I mentioned Lou Nissart, and I still stand by […]
  • Silky Smooth Macaroni and Cheese - need Sodium Citrate. October 15, 2017
    I think it made enough sauce for a 7 ounce pack of elbow macaroni? It was quite a big casserole. It has been a while since I've made this recipe! I scored sodium citrate since then and I'm not a big fan of the modernist mac & cheese. There is this waxy quality that you […]
  • Whole Smoked Turkey October 13, 2017
    Heu, Trekdiva! I don't know if they can smoke your turkey but I believe Quebec Smoked Meat sells smoked turkey... Never hurts to ask! (they are an old fashioned butcher who do their own smoking in house)
  • Looking for Authentic "Montreal" food October 12, 2017
    Wonderful! Thank you- we will look into these!
  • Are there any good Doughnuts left in Montreal? October 11, 2017
    Mr. Puffs also opened a location in the West Island on St Jean earlier this summer. I don't know, I think the novelty wore off, I'm not sure why I raved about them in 2012. They are way too greasy, Panama serves very good loukoumades, light and fluffy the way they should be. There's also […]